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TomTom Service Center 3


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TomTom Service Center 3

  • The TomTom Service Center 3 is based on the popular TomTom Service Center 2
    with all new features that allow you to service your tomtom devices..

  • With this new TomTom Service Center 3 you will have full usage of features that are not available within the TSC v2

  • The new GUI will make servicing easy and anyone with a computer and a TomTom device can use it,
    with the build in help feature if you get stuck it's only a click away

  • The new map detection feature, warns you when browsing for the current map set if the folder selected contains map data


  • Reset User Password (Unlimited Usage)
    Supports All PNA Models (including S30 and IQ Models)

  • Speed Cameras
    Add default UK Speed camera locations

  • Talking Alerts for Speed Cameras
    Add talking alerts to your UK Speed camera locations instead of that little boring beep....!

  • Custom Cursors
    Change that arrow to a nice sports car or even another arrow but with style

  • Celebrity voices
    20+ to choose from (UK and USA Only)

  • Points of Interest
    UK Points of interest to choose from;
    Accident Black Spots
    Low Bridges
    Petrol Stations
    and many more....!

  • Postcode Database
    Allows you to add the new 7 digit postcode search feature (UK Only)

  • Splash Screens
    100+ widescreen and normal splash screens to choose from

  • Built in Help System - Guides yourself on how to set up;

    Speed Cameras,
    Talking Alerts for Speed Cameras,
    Custom Cursors,
  • Mobile Phone - Calls Viewer

    Phonebook - View all your numbers that have been transfered from your paired mobile phones
    Dailed Calls - View the numbers of Dialed Calls made from your Mobile Phone when paired to your TomTom Device
    Received Calls - View Received Calls made from your Mobile Phone when paired to your TomTom Device

  • Mobile Phone - Messages Viewer

    Message Inbox - View messages received while using your TomTom Device with your Paired Mobile Phone
    Message Outbox - View messages sent from your TomTom Device with your Paired Mobile Phone
  • Backup / View All Logs saved from your Paired Mobile Devices

  • Service Tools

    Delete TomTom System Firmware:
    Allows you to delete the firmware from your device so you can repair the file system via TomTom Home
    'Update Devcie' or Backups made proir
    Factory Reset Device:
    Deletes all Configuration Settings, Custom POI's, Cursors, etc
    **WARNING Once these have gone your can't get them back**
    Backup POI's from Map folder:
    Will backup all POI's from 'Map Folder' to 'Map Folder\Backup_POI's'
    (making it easy to transfer them when you update your maps)
    Install All Voices:
    Allows to install all custom voices in one go to your tomtom device

  • Custom Preferences

    Auto connect when usb is connected:
    Will Restart the device in Data Transfer Mode within prompting
    Forces usb connect when usb is inserted:
    Forces Data Transfer Mode once connected to the USB
    Disables auto shutdown:
    Will not shutdown after 2 / 5 minutes when connect in Data Transfer Mode
    Always show tips:
    Will show tips within the device

Supported Devices

  • PNA Devices
    TomTom One v1-7, One (v8-9) Europe 22 Edtion
    TomTom One XL v1/2, One XL (v9) Europe 22 Edition, One XXL
    TomTom Go 300, 500, 700
    TomTom Go 510, 710, 910
    TomTom Go 520, 720, 920
    TomTom Go 530, 730, 930
    TomTom Go 540, 740, 940 (Live)
    TomTom Go 550, 750, 950 (Live)
    TomTom Go 7000 Truck, Go 9000 Work
    TomTom Start
    TomTom Rider v1, v2

  • Symbian Mobile, Windows CE Pocket PC and Palm Devices
    TomTom Mobile (Symbian) v5, v6 and v7
    TomTom Mobile (Windows CE) v5, v6 and v7
    TomTom Palm v6 and v7

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista* and Windows 7 Compatible*
    * - (Windows Vista and Windows 7 will require Runtime Files from microsoft update)

Unsupported Devices

  • TomTom GO (LIVE) 1000/1005/1050/2400/2500
    TomTom GO (LIVE) 2435/2535
    TomTom VIA 1430/1435/1530/1535
    TomTom VIA 1400/1405/1500/1505
    TomTom VIA 220/225
    TomTom VIA (LIVE)
    TomTom START 20 / START 25
    TomTom In Built Navigation Systems

Watch us show you how to use the TomTom Service Center 3

TomTom Service Center 3 resetting passcode on a tomtom device

TomTom Service Center 3 installing a custom splash screen

Screen Shots

Displaying the detected drive and step by step instructions on how to connect your devices

TomTom Service Center 3 Software layout with easy to use menu's, making TomTom Servicing easy!

Easy to use features like Calls logs, Messages and the New 'Service Tools' Fully updatable via the online 'Support Area'